Pharmaceutical Logistics

Pharmaceutical supply chain is a complex logistics system with a high level of responsibility each participant in the process, the ultimate goal of which is to medicines in a timely manner with the compliance with the mandatory conditions of storage and transportation was received awaiting their customers. Due to the large number of constraints associated with international standards for the storage and movement of products, their documentation, certification and licensing appropriate activities, foreign producers charge logistics of their products to specialized 3PL providers.The company Farmasoft one of the few on the Ukrainian market and provides logistics services in the pharmaceutical sector in compliance with all international quality standards, including GDP (Good Distribution Practices), ISO 9001:2005.

Major decisions:

  • Import of pharmaceutical supplies;
  • Passing quality control;
  • Storage of medication in compliance with the temperature regime;
  • Formation of deliveries according to customer orders;
  • Fast delivery by our own transport with observance of a temperature mode.

Our warehouse is located on-site pharmaceutical logistic complex “BIOCON” in Boryspil district, the complex hosted the customs post. Briefly about the warehouse:

  • Zone cold storage +2⁰- +8⁰, -20⁰, -80⁰;
  • The electronic monitoring system of temperature and alert on violations of conditions of storage as the main storage area and cooling chambers;
  • Specialized system of ventilation, keeping the temperature of 15⁰-25⁰;
  • Automated warehouse management system;
  • Automated fire extinguishing system;
  • Modern security system: access control, round the clock security, CCTV with data recording;
  • Specially equipped room for storage of vaccines in liquid nitrogen;
  • Own transport, equipped with special refrigeration equipment in accordance with the requirements of “cold chain”.