Veterinary Logistics

Farmasoft-CT is one of the few companies that has a specialized veterinary bonded warehouse as well as after customs storage facilities. The warehouse is located on the territory of the logistic complex “Biocon” in Boryspil district, the customs post is located on its territory. Farmasoft CT offers our clients a comprehensive approach, professional realization of their requirements up to the world standards, taking into account compliance with local legislation.

All operations are executed in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and the requirements of GDP / GMP. Workflows are subject to a single standard operating procedures (SOPs). The company has passed many audits of the quality control.

Briefly about the customs warehouse:

  • – Zones of the cold storage (2⁰ – 8⁰);
  • – Electronic system of the temperature monitoring and reporting about the breach of the conditions of the storage as the main storage area, and in the cold rooms;
  • – The specialized system of ventilation, temperature control 15⁰-25⁰;
  • – Automated Warehouse Management System;
  • – Automated fire extinguishing system;
  • – Modern security systems: access control, security guard, vision-based inspection system with fixation datas;
  • – Specially equipped room for vaccine storage in liquid nitrogen;
  • – Product labeling;
  • – Own transport, equipped the special cooling equipment in accordance with the requirements of the “cold chain”